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"Your works bring together so many of my principal interests – hard spanking, barefoot men, and a lifelong fascination with Russian history and culture that translates easily into a love of Russian men. Please keep making these movies!"

"Hi there, really nice videos you have."

"I have purchased some twenty of your quite amazing videos. It is remarkable that you so rarely disappoint."

"I like your videos, especially the Siberian Thrashing video."

"The guy in No Mercy Discipline was awesome!"

"Good new videos. Realistic screenplay. I like."

"I am a fan and loyal customer of your site and I really want to say that I love your [corporal punishment] videos. Great [men], nice settings, good job!"

"In a word, WOW!"

"I'm sure hoping you feature some more videos with the Iranian spanker. He is one of the most dominant tops I've seen in a spanking video. So macho and sexy. I purchased the bundle pack with him in it. I am in a full sweat after watching it. Thank you."

"I am a 29 y.o. Bulgarian and i am totally in love with your videos! Great work!"

"What you do is far more than spanking. Harder than anything I have ever seen. The sessions with Artur are mind blowing."

"Just found your site and really like the films as they are proper canings and beatings."

"Very nice new video with Pavel. The boy took it good and long. Absolutely appetizing. So, please: MORE of him."

"I bought a few of your latest clips and I must say they’re even better and more severe than ever. I loved them."

"I love your videos ,,, Misha is a tough boy."

"To hear a man express such pain while these two guys beat him so hard is thrilling and alarming at the same time. You certainly show us the toughest punishment around."

"You are really good at this. The way you time your strokes and play with your victims makes the action great. And you never stop hitting really hard as you do it."

"I love your videos! You guys are the best and the whippings are so real. I've been buying your videos for years."

"What a session! I don’t know what this guy did to deserve all this punishment but it must have been terrible, because he does get it full force. Whew…"

"I looked at your videos. They are really awesome. The severity of the spankings is perfect. Congrats on your website."

"That was something else. When you get it right, you really get it right. Terrific."

"Re: Pavel's Audition and Spanking Training, I think you've found your strong OTK Hand-Spanker (the guy with the beard). He's wonderful!"

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