Meet the Victims

These are the men of No Mercy for Men.
What they endure can more than make your day.
We promise pain. We deliver pain!

Victims Who Scale the Mountain and Face the Extreme

Heart pounding, breath-taking, eye-popping, like nothing you have seen.


Artur is a university-educated professional living in Moscow. In his late thirties, he is head of his own firm.

He is stimulated by the pain he receives, and, in his remarkably quiet way, craves it. His trust of the Master is total and the two men share powerful, inventive, innovative sessions that leave customers in awe.


In his late 40s, Alex has capacity that few of us will ever see, let alone have. He challenges the Master to break him.

The Master's attempts to take him down are among the most spectacular extreme videos in the No Mercy for Men inventory.

Eddie in Pain

The Master is a professional consultant by day, a natural sadist by night.

In spite of being a natural dom, he is often stimulated by the pain given to him by friends and doms taking part in the imaginative sessions created at No Mercy for Men.

His capacity is enormous and many a dom has tried to break him without success.


When the Master just wants to be brutal, he turns to Vasilly. an unbelievably strong and determined victim among our stellar senior men.

He always completes the challenges the Master explodes to excruciating effect on his body but not without bringing every ounce of resolve to the task.

Spanish Master

The Spanish Master is one of the Master's early mentors. He loves pain and knows how to receive it as well as how to give it. Over 50, he can switch from giving to receiving at the drop of a hat and is totally generous in offering himself to his protegés.

Like Eddie, he is remarkable at either end of the whip.


Tall and well built, Vitya is one strikingly strong, stalwart young man. His remarkable ability to take serious punishment has been tested again and again to great effect.

The young man is in his early 20s and has a whole series devoted to his suffering in the No Mercy for Men inventory.

Victims to Increase Your Pulse Rate and Win Your Admiration

These are not the boys of summer. These are the men of winter – hard, beautiful and tormented. They are here to suffer for you big-time!


This working class guy is one of many who turn to us for financial support and whom we are pleased to help. Fit, young and brave, Andrey just wants a fair shake.

From the Broke Guys series.


Coming from Ukraine, Andriy is in his early 30s, and sports a solid, enticing body to torment.


This 21-year-old from Belarus feels the hurt and is one solid, stoic performer.


If Arkady should decide to receive the level of punishment for which he has shown himself capable, he will almost certainly move into being one of No Mercy for Men's extreme stars.


This thirty-year old is a burly, hairy guy with a warm and brave personality.


In his mid-20s, Boris is impressive in our Broke Guys series. He has great endurance and is a walking example of what it means to be stoic.


The Master's Companion is a personable continental guy who has appeared in over 20 videos either as a spanker or as a spankee.

He generally partners with the Master in a range of switch-and-strike roles that show a lighter touch. Even so, the pain is pervasive and never less real for all that.


In his early '30s, Denis is an accomplished administrator who has a body that exudes vulnerability, perfect for dramatizing the very real pain he is feeling.


This impressive young man has a real need for punishment and has the capacity.

From our Intro to Corporal Punishment series.


Farhad came to us looking to be a spanker. The spanking the Master gave him in his interview was such a terrific success that the Master could not bring himself to see him in any other role. Great capacity, great endurance.

French Guy

Our favourite Parisian. His videos are characterized by his willingness to take risks.

Always full of surprises, the French guy can not only take punishing pain but responds to the Master's innovative ideas with real panache.


Grisha loves ice skating and finds himself on very thin ice here at No Mercy for Men.


Somewhat unpredictable, Ignaty is able to handle considerable pressure when confronted..


Igor is a bonafide Russian porn star, more than easy on the eyes, and able to take copious amounts of pain, much to the pleasure of his European fans.


Capable of absorbing a lot, Iosif gets to do just that in his videos. But he is good and able to respond well to the challenges he faces.


One of the young men in our Broke Guys series, Ivan proves he can earn his money.


This spectacular young man has the kind of muscular body that our customers love to see punished. His vigorous twists and turns to avoid what is happening to him makes for beautiful sport and Lavrenty is a total pleasure to watch.


A solidly built, working class guy with personality to match. His ass passes muster, too.


Misha is a model by trade and a beautiful one at that. His tight, gorgeous body, naked and suffering, is a wonder to watch as it is tormented and punished.

With each new video, his endurance and capacity for pain continues to grow. A customer favourite.


In his 40s, Oleg has derived his strength from a military career that built his body and his spirit to take adversity and pain. He lays it all bare.


Trained by the Master through 19 videos so far, Pavel is a remarkable sub able to take big punishment. He also is totally entertaining and a big favourite with customers.


Built like a Greek God, Roman is able to take pain but his mouth tells you in no uncertain terms that he does not like it. Even so, he keeps coming back and we keep loving it.


This young man provides a handy body when No Mercy for Men needs someone on whom to demonstrate our hurt-inducing equipment and spankers. Qualifications necessary to be the slave: Be able to take anything. Our Slave does the job well.

Spanish Guy

The Spanish Master brought this earnest, solidly built guy to training sessions shared with Eddie, No Mercy for Men's Master. There are videos of both men giving and receiving with each other. The Spanish Guy is a very compelling victim.


Stepan is actually in his 60s, overweight and an unlikely candidate for No Mercy for Men. Anyone who has seen his video is totally taken aback by his remarkable endurance in the face of great torment.


Another one of our men from the continent. Thierry is French and is very impressive in the range of torment that he can take.


Our youngest practitioner, 19-year-old Vadim has finished school and works for a call centre. His debut at No Mercy for Men was one powerful introduction.


Zhenya is an escort by trade. A slender, very vulnerable young men, he is a completely original individual and faces the hurt with admirable resolve.

The men on this site have all been verified to be over 18 years of age.

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