Meet The Masters

The pain! The torment!
This is what No Mercy for Men is all about.
These are the men who celebrate the torment they give!

The Master of No Mercy for Men

The Master is the creator and leader of No Mercy for Men. He is the mainstay and muse for all the good things being accomplished here.

His natural, somewhat laid-back, languid style creates surprising and often quite innovative moments when you least expect them. His instincts are so attuned to what he is doing that each video ends up with a totally unique stamp.

While he plans what he will do when he enters the punishment area, he never knows entirely how the session will develop. His natural ability to respond to the victim at hand is truly his hallmark and the breath-taking core of No Mercy for Men.

The victims who work with him on a regular basis put their complete trust in this ability and very few have ever been disappointed. He works with all of the Masters listed on this page and has devastated most of the Victims on the next page.

He is a man among men. Like nothing you will see anywhere. Natural, innovative, responsive, exciting, daring.


Double the pleasure for everyone. The Assistant brings youthful power, energy and endurance to wielding the instruments with which he torments his victims.

He revels in the devastation and mayhem he creates, loving every agony-filled moment. It makes him awesome to watch.

As the disciplinarian for our Broke Guys program, he leaves an impression on backs and asses that his young charges will be unlikely to forget.


The Master's companion easily moves from giving to taking and back again.

In his 30s, he brings prodigious experience to his role as the perfect partner for the Master. The games and situations the two men share create surprising mayhem and pain for each of them.

The Companion has a great arm and mind for punishment and there are over twenty videos to show how devastating he can be. His gift for banter provides surprisingly enjoyable counterpoint to the action.

In a number of videos, he also plays the invisible punisher calling the shots on Skype.


Gleb usually plays a support role wielding his instruments in conjunction with other spankers. These dual exhibitions are thrilling to watch and add their own original excitement.

A medical professor, he shows his thrilling dark side to us and it is great. His other claim to fame is that he brought Artur to the attention of the Master, something for which everyone remains totally grateful.

Hungarian Master

Based in Budapest, he joined with the Master and his Companion for an angry, disrespectful session that is entirely unique.

The angrier he got, the harder he hit and the more disrespectful the guys became. Originality we encourage and treasure.


From the Caucasus Mountains, this striking, trim, hairy spanker is powerful and mature beyond his years.

Looking older, he is actually in his mid-twenties and totally loves creating the mayhem he does. So do we.


In his mid-40s, Kurt is a financial administrator who lives in Austria.

His military background has allowed him to nurture his handsome body and to explore his great interest and prowess in the sadistic arts.


This young man is an accountant, very ambitious and focused on his career and its development.

Happily, he also thrives on punishing the men of No Mercy for Men with his powerful arm, strong body and glorious stamina.

The Master has given him several rich assignments in which his mammoth abilities for delivering pain absolutely shine. A long, pain-dealing career lies ahead and we relish what is to come.


This Iranian gay man is searching for a country in which to live without threat.

Along his travels, he has come several times to No Mercy for Men to show the talent he has for methodical, rapid-fire and relentless punishment.

The Master has made him welcome on these occasions and offered his own body for the long, intricate sessions that the Iranian develops and painfully delivers. He currently resides in Italy.


Over two metres in height, Nikita is physically our biggest punisher, using his height and size to deliver rough, relentless, agonizing torment.

Coming from Belarus, Nikita was trained by the Master. His subsequent eye-popping sessions with Pavel and his dual sessions with the Master have given him a varied and interesting profile among our solid group of male doms.


Like many other doms who work bare-chested, Ruslan provides a striking picture of power as he goes about his painful business.

His style is unique as each powerful stroke ends in a rewarding finishing snap that burns the pain deep in suffering asses. His is an impressive style wonderful to watch.

Siberian Master

Here is one of our most personable young spankers whose friendly, good looks totally belie the relentless, painful punishment that he thoroughly enjoys giving.

Always bare-chested, he provides satisfying spectacle and devastating agony. For him, so much amazing fun. For those he punishes, something totally different.

Spanish Guy

From the Canary Islands, the Spanish Guy has a strong body that would make any 40-year-old man proud.

His training experiences with Eddie, our Master, were predictably brutal and painful. When it was time for our Master to be the victim in their exchanges, the Spanish Guy made the most of it – possibly a bit in revenge for the whipping the Master gave him in their exchanges.

Spanish Master

The Spanish Master is in his 50s, speaks six languages, often works as an interpreter and runs his own business.

Somewhat of a loner, he loves pain and knows how to deliver it. Our videos show him in both situations always in conjunction with Eddie, our Master, for whom he was a friend and teacher. He has provided a good part of the base from which No Mercy for Men has been built.


Vlad is a Siberian through and through – stolid, severe, deadly serious.

Coming from the land of prisons, Vlad is one of the most ruthless and devastating punishers to be produced by the Master at No Mercy for Men.

When Vlad appears in a video, you know you are going to see totally powerful, relentless and unrestrained punishment. Vlad often works in tandem with the Master, completely attentive and understanding of the Master's moves and changes of direction.

Whether alone or with the Master, subs can expect nothing but the worst.


This trained and talented composer has forged a career far from the land of whips and canes. Even so, he brings his Byronic body to the world of punishment in anything but shy fashion.

Another powerful man among the men of No Mercy for Men.

The men on this site have all been verified to be over 18 years of age.

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