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You are buying your personal right to view the videos that you purchase and to store them on your media. Copyright allows you that fair use for each video you purchase.

Copyright does not give you the right to share, trade or to post our videos to any individual, group, or Web site not sanctioned or owned by No Mercy for Men. This not only protects our rights to stay in business but it ensures that we can keep our phenomenal product coming to you in the future.

Yes. When you purchase a title, you receive full instructions in your e-mail order confirmation on how to download the product you have purchased.

This will include your own private URL to download to your media and your media alone. We do not use DRM nor limit your personal access to your purchase.

Our videos are all mp4s and will play on personal computers, laptops, smart phones and notebooks using any operating system. There are no limitations.

No. This is a pay-as-you-go site. Each video has its own price and is purchased individually.

No. Prices vary considerably depending on a number of factors, mostly related to quality. Length is rarely an important factor.

The primary determinants in our pricing are the intensity of the action, the sheer hurt involved, and the skill and endurance of our Masters and Victims.

Every minute counts on a No Mercy for Men video. The action begins with the first blow and that blow is normally already at full force.

At the present time, our shortest video is our most expensive. Anyone who has seen it knows why.

Because pain IS at the heart of every video. It is our fundamental promise.

The men we engage agree that the action in which they participate will be real and not be stopped in any session until the Master in charge of the session says it may stop.

The remarkable men who are our Victims are aware that they will suffer in the session and that they will often be physically in agony. They agree to that. This is what No Mercy for Men is all about. Only the strongest and the best men participate in our productions. By the same token, we are more than aware that their safety must be protected and it is.

As you can tell by reading the short bios in the Victims and in the Masters section of this Web site, many of our men are highly successful professionals in education, medicine, management, even the law. Others have prominent jobs in other walks of life.

For many of these men, the anonymity that the balaclavas provide is a necessity, not a whim. While our customers want to see faces, the career and daily lives of our men must be honoured.

Happily, the majority of our Victims and Masters are quite happy to be seen. But No Mercy for Men matter and we will protect these strong and spectacular men as their lives, not ours, require. These men suffer and for that great gift, we will ensure the rest of their lives can be lived as they would have it.

Absolutely. As customers, you are part of a large community that shares a passion for male punishment and pain.

You are the lifeblood of No Mercy for Men and for the great men who make us the original source for punishment videos that we are.

In reality, a number of the videos you watch are inspired by avid customers like you and we welcome your suggestions.

We currently accept the main credit card brands via IndieBill: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and Diners Club. Debit and credit versions of these cards are accepted as well.

American Express cannot be used as the company does not allow adult transactions.

Payments are processed and purchased content is delivered through a company outside Russia called IndieBill. IndieBill specializes in the processing of adult transactions and they fully understand that your privacy must be among its highest priorities.

Your purchase will appear on your credit card under the name, Brisk Partners, a professional technology company located in Paris, France. The company operates outside the adult entertainment industry and is parent to IndieBill.

We can assure you that all credit card transactions are processed securely through IndieBill and their partners using the highest industry security standards.

Payments are processed using SecurionPay's technology which is PCI DSS level 1 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This level is considered to be the safest available at this time in the processing business.

Payments always take place at IndieBill's Web site and the information you submit is secured through 256 bit SSL encryption. You can verify IndieBill's security certificate by clicking on the green rectangle in the URL bar when you are on IndieBill's Web site. Payment is not processed at No Mercy for Men in Moscow for your full protection.

As well, to ensure your details are not open to being compromised, IndieBill refuses to store your credit card information.

You can be assured that we will never make any information about you available to third parties.

When a charge does not go through successfully, it is normally because the bank that issued your credit card has declined the charge for a reason pertaining to your account (for example, if you've reached a designated threshold in spending). That is why we advise trying another credit card if you have the possibility.

If you are using a proxy or other method of hiding your IP, your payment will automatically be refused by the IndieBill system. This is to avoid any question of fraud. It protects both you and us.

If your issue persists, contact IndieBill's support services via the live chat bubble at the bottom right corner of IndieBill's Web pages or contact them directly by e-mail at IndieBill representatives are very responsive and you can expect an answer within 12 hours.

Due to the nature of how downloads are processed, No Mercy for Men has a no refund policy. You are responsible for your purchase actions, as you are with any business transaction on line. It is up to you to ensure that your order is correct.

If a mistake on our part happens or if you have difficulties with our download, please contact us through the appropriate e-mail link to be found on the Contact Us page (see the Navigator bar at the top of this page). We have representatives in North America, Europe and Russia to attempt to resolve your problem. If we are unsuccessful, a refund or credit may be negotiated with you.

It goes without saying that any fraud or abuse will be prosecuted to protect the rights of the owners and staff of No Mercy for Men. Be fair with us. We will always be fair with you.

Please click on Contact Us in the navigation bar at the top of this page, choose the appropriate contact method and send us your question, idea or comment.

We are proud of our company and its unique accomplishments and wish to have your support. We promise you a prompt response where you require it.

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